Nohay 2024 | Bain ul Haramain | Farhan Ali Waris Lyrics

Nohay 2024 | Bain ul Haramain | Farhan Ali Waris
Nohay 2024 ” BAIN UL HARAMAIN ” By Farhan Ali Waris For New Muharram 2024

Syed farhan ali waris presents imam hussain and mola abbas noha

Bain-ul-Haramain is the revered stretch of land connecting the holy shrines of Imam Hussain in Karbala and Hazrat Abbas. This sacred corridor, often referred to as “the space between the two shrines,” holds immense spiritual significance for pilgrims. It is a place where millions of mourners gather, especially during Arbaeen, to pay homage to the martyrs of Karbala. The atmosphere in Bain-ul-Haramain is imbued with a profound sense of devotion, unity, and reflection, as believers walk the path between the two sanctuaries, contemplating the sacrifices and legacy of the holy figures commemorated there.

Poetry | Mazhar Abidi
Composition & Central Idea | Qurban Jaffri
Chorus | Rizwan Mirza, Hasnain Mehdi, Moshin Hashmi,, Shahrukh, Sunny
Audio Recording | Owais Qureshi & Hassan Qureshi (ODS – Studio Karachi)
Audio Mixed & Mastered by | Omar Qureshi (ODS – Studio Karachi)
Video Production | The Focus Studio
Director | Safdar Kaleem
Edit | Hujjat Mehdi
DOP | Hansic Yousuf
Art Direction | Ali abbas -Tabish Abbas
Graphics | AR Graphics (abbas)
Technical Team | Minhal Rizvi Aun Rizvi Taha Zaidi Faghir abbas Khurram Rizvi Muhammad Zaidi Abbas Rizvi Turab abbas
Special Thanks | FAW Team & Syed Hassan Ayaz Jaffri

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Title Noha | Mere Ghar Mola Aey Hain | Nohay New 2024

Noha 2024 | Mera Hi Naam Abbas Hai | Farhan Ali Waris

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