Farhan Ali Waris | Kia Hai Abbas | Manqabat | 2023 | 1444 Lyrics

Farhan Ali Waris | Kia Hai Abbas | Manqabat | 2023 | 1444
Farhan Ali Waris | Kia Hai Abbas(a.s.) | Manqabat | 2023 | 1444
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In this latest Manqabat, Farhan Ali Waris pays tribute to the great personality of Hazrat Abbas (AS), the brave companion of Imam Hussain (AS) and the flag-bearer of truth and justice. With his soulful voice and captivating lyrics, Farhan Ali Waris takes us on a spiritual journey, highlighting the unparalleled sacrifice and devotion of Hazrat Abbas (AS) towards the cause of Islam.

The video features stunning visuals of the holy shrines of Karbala, coupled with heart-warming recitation of the Manqabat by Farhan Ali Waris. The lyrics are beautifully written, invoking feelings of love, admiration, and reverence for Hazrat Abbas (AS). The Manqabat is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary music, creating a truly unique and unforgettable experience for the viewers.

Heart-warming recitation by Farhan Ali Waris
Beautifully written lyrics that invoke feelings of love and admiration
Perfect blend of traditional and contemporary music

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