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Our one mission is to enable reciters from around the world to be able to access the nohay lyrics database on the go in a much easier way.


Why Nohay Write-Ups App?

Edit Lyrics

Allows users to edit lyrics and submit them for approval.

Landscape Mode

The screen on your phone can rotate so that users can see the lyrics clearly.

Hyperlink to Corresponding YouTube Video

Allows users to click on YouTube links which will take them to the YouTube App to watch videos.

Corresponding Audio Accessibility

Allow users to listen to the specific audio of the noha to understand the tarz and for more clarification of wordings.

Increased Performance

Performance of the app has been increased tremendously.

Add to Favorites

Allows users to create their own Biyaaz (Playlist)

We put technology at the heart of everything we do

We implement new features to the app throughout the year.

This new Nohay Write-Ups app has been completely rebuilt and redesigned. 

Yasir Rizvi

Chicago, USA

Wajji Rizvi

Chicago, USA

Mahdi Rizvi

Chicago, USA

Zahid Ali


Raza Jeffery

Chicago, USA

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