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Previously known as NauhaWriteups.Com, NohaWriteups.Org is now up and running! We have switched our domain and hosting and re-branded as NohaWriteups.Org – Please save the new Website in your bookmarks. You will be able to access the same Writeups, however in a much simpler and lag-free manner through the new website.

If you would like to contact us regarding any of the changes or any other concerns / comments you may have, you can do so using the Contact page.


– The Noha Writeups Team

Salaam Alaikum and Ya Ali (A.S.) Madad

Welcome to NohaWriteups.Org. This website is dedicated to providing you with precise and accurate writeups to Nohay. This website was created in the honor of Ameer-ul-Momineen, Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S.). Basadqa Shah-e-Konain and Bibi Paak, this website will flourish with Writeups for momineen and azadars. This website will contain a database of Noha Writeups, predominantly Urdu and Punjabi Nohay. Along with Writeups, we will aim towards implementing majalises, matamdaris, calendars and muharram/shab-e-dari schedules across North America. This website will also serve as a medium through which brothers and sisters can connect and communicate via forums.

This website was created for the purpose that there are no major websites to which momineen have access to a database of Nohay Writeups. We urge all brothers and sisters to take full advantage of our records of Writeups.

*Note: Due to progressively slow traffic on the website the Forums have currently been disabled.

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If you have any concerns, comments or questions, likewise, you can direct those messages via the contact form in the navigation panel. Please continue to check back regularly for updates as the website is still fairly new and the database is being expanded as you read this.

Thank you and may Bibi forever cast her saya upon you, ameen.

“Blessed is the person who kept in mind the next life, acted so as to be able to render account, remained content with what sufficed him and remained pleased with Allah.”

– Imam Ali (A.S.)

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